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Why Choose Germany?

As of 2022, over 1 lakh Indians migrate every year in search for better work opportunities. According to data sourced by United Nations, approximately 17.9 million Indians have so far migrated to several parts of the world making India to supply the greatest number of skilled migrant workers to the world. It is interesting to note that even with several countries supporting immigration, Indians tend to have chosen USA, Canada, and England as their three choices consistently. So, how does one decide which country to migrate to with so many options available? Migrating for work is one of the most challenging decisions to make for someone. Leaving one’s own country to look for better work and life prospects can be an extremely daunting process to start with especially for a first-generation immigrant. There are several questions and unknown facts that have the potential to become big hinderances. Overwhelming choices and minimal information available from genuine sources can even dampen the will required to start with the entire process. This blog aims to help you make the best of the opportunities available in yet another advanced nation – Germany! We want to help you understand the reality of living and growing in Germany. Let’s look into some of the many reasons for considering the country where your dreams to live a fulfilling life can become a reality:

  • Availability of abundance of opportunities in the country: First and foremost, it is prudent to note that Germany is the largest European economy and one amongst the biggest in the world. It has historically been one of the technology leaders and proudly continues to hold the same stature. Currently the country has to offer around 8 million jobs that are available in various fields ranging from IT, STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, and mathematics), AI, Data Science, trades and crafts, etc. For more information, check out this blog. Its aging population and people delaying their debut in professional work has prompted the employers to look outside the country for appropriate skilled workers. The government of Germany has been very supportive to this move and has put in place appropriate laws that support foreign people looking to migrate to Germany for work. As foreigners it is a great opportunity to become a part of one of the most advanced countries of the world and make a life out of it all the while enjoying the best of its amenities.
  • Financial security: The average pay in Germany is much more when compared to other countries in general. The average minimum wage per hour stands at €12 which is roughly around Rs.1050 per hour as of October 2022. Taking that into account, 40 hours work week can end up making you over an average of 2k Euros or approximately 1.8 lakhs in a month. This is just a rough estimation of what the minimum salaries could look like for anyone in Germany. Along with good pay, job and financial security in Germany is very high. Smaller and bigger employers alike are secure to work for. To get a better picture, let’s peek into the annual average pay (this is before Tax and that tax is automatically deducted at 30-40%) for the most common jobs in 2021:
ProfessionAverage Annual Pay (In Euro)Average Annual Pay (In Rupees) (In approx. figures)
Doctor€89,5397.8 crores
Engineer€62,56455 lakhs
Information Technology€60,56350 lakhs
Construction€57,27050 lakhs
Research€56,39949 lakhs
Design€48,57442 lakhs
  • Higher standard of living: Higher salaries tend to become the basis for better living standards. However, there are many more factors that contribute to making living in Germany so rewarding. The Germans are known for their strict adherence to rules and regulations. That has benefitted them by maintaining order and peace in the country. This not only makes the country safer but also provides a well-ordered country where you can expect everything to go as planned. This makes the country extremely reliable and disorder proof. Things like jumping off the traffic signals or a pedestrian crossing the road without the lights turning red might never be a problem again. 
  • Low cost of living: Along with adherence to laws, Germany’s cost of living is generally lower than many other countries. House rent, food bills, other utilities, transportation (if you rely on public transport as the country supports it heavily and is one among the best – more information below), grocery, etc. are usually way cheaper in Germany in comparison to other Western countries. Housing facilities are excellent in the country and there is a strong sense of responsibility in its residents. The culture of renting in Germany is very strong so the chances that you will get a place available for yourself in a well-maintained condition for the long term is very high outside of the metropoles. All this combined with structure and stability makes living life in Germany more worthwhile.
  • Public transportation: The government has invested years into building one of the most reliable and well-connected public transportation. One can find trains/buses to almost anywhere in Germany. Travelling is easy and cheap in the country using public transportation. The autobahns are punctual, aesthetically maintained and offer one the easiest routes to almost everywhere in the country. In the cities, you can safely rely on the public transport system to take you from one place to another in stipulated time.
  • Quality of life: It’s one thing to be able to earn more and another to enjoy a life of quality. Clean air, beautiful landscapes, orderly parks, pollution-free roads, etc. are the elements necessary to make for a quality life. What is the use of earning so much money when one cannot enjoy fresh air outside or not hear anyone over the honking of cars? Along with an orderly society, Germany offers you a clean environment and clear air to breathe in. The country’s serene and beautiful nature will make your days more enjoyable than ever.  Every city has abundant parks, strictly managed spaces for maintaining nature and environment in the cities for you and your family to enjoy your time off. A brisk walk through the woods or a quick run in the neighborhood park – you can have it all to live your dream life in quality.
  • Higher number of days off: Work life balance is highly regarded in the country by its employers. With 30 days of leave combining both public holidays and paid off days, Germany is among the top 5 European and OECD nations to provide for the highest numbers of guaranteed vacations to its employees. This time off work  help you to rejuvenate your spirits nonetheless and adds to the quality of life. Also Germany is very strict to recording time worked, and that over hours or late work has to be compensated for usually through time off.
  • Stable political scenario: A stable government makes for a stable and peaceful society undoubtedly. It brings peace, harmony, and quicker resolution of problems to the table. With a stable government, Germany has to offer a peaceful country to migrate to that will add on to the quality of life. Peace and stability being two of the most important factors in having a superior quality of life, Germany hits all the sweet spots.
  • Education in Germany is free: Public education in Germany is completely free except for some universities that may charge a small tuition fee. Most German Primary Schools do not charge any kind of fee from its citizens or foreigners alike. Access to world class education that is almost always free of charge is encouraging for those looking to enhance their career in the country. The quality of education is evident with the number of foreign students flocking to the country every year. Before the Covid19 wave hit the world, Germany was witnessing one of the all-time high international mobility. As the country is recovering, it is slowly also gaining the traction back. Students, interns and working professionals see the country as one of the heavens that they can migrate to for a better living standard. And rightly so as the country has to offer much more than that many other counties in the world . 
  • Laws that protect the entrepreneurial spirit: The German government is supportive of entrepreneurial efforts making it a hotspot for the ones who dare to do something on their own. The laws help to protect any ideas, innovations, concepts, designs, etc. that one might have for their company. These laws also protect competitors from benefiting off each other’s ideas by keeping a check on any sort of cheating or stealing. Spouses who come to Germany on a family reunion visa are free to start their own businesses. (Getting an entrepreneurship visa itself is more difficult and we are not able to support during that process.)

Having said all that, it is important to note that knowledge of German will always go a long way for you if you are looking to migrate to the country for better prospects in life. Though it might not always be a requirement by employers, but it is highly recommended that you start giving learning German some serious thought. This might seem a little tedious and time taking but it will be totally worth it in the end. There are many helpful sites where you can easily get a handle over the language in no time.  So, to reiterate and help you in getting rid of any further doubts that you may have, we can assure you that Germany can fulfill your desires of living a better life and making the most of your talents. If you are a working professional and this blogpost encourages you to look for opportunities for yourself in Germany, look no further. At ProRecognition we help working professionals like you to begin on their ladder to success in the country. To be able to apply to jobs in Germany, it is important that you have your credentials and certificates recognized. ProRecognition will help you get your credentials verified and you can get started right away. All you need to do is set up a consultation with us and we will look into your credentials as well as give you insights over next steps. What’s more? You get all this completely free of charge because we are a German government funded project trying to bridge the gap between talent and potential career opportunities. So, why delay? Book your consultation today.