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Our Services

ProRecognition offers an array of advisory and support services for professionals in India who are looking for career opportunities in Germany, and to German employers looking to hire Indian talent. As a project sponsored by the German government, all our advisory services are free of charge.

For Professionals

If you want to successfully find a job in Germany, there are several things to consider and prepare for. ProRecognition assists you along every step of the way – from general information to tailored individual support.


While searching for a job in Germany, preparation is the key. From recognition of your qualifications over job search to visa considerations, ProRecognition provides you with an overview of everything you need to know in order succeed. To know more about your job chances and the recognition of your qualifications, book a consultation.

Recognition Support

Getting your qualifications recognised is a prerequisite for a work visa. We can help you find the right authority for the recognition process, put together your application, find suitable adjustment courses, and overcome any potential communication barriers and other hurdles. Click here to know more

Application Training

German employers have specific expectations in candidates; knowing what they are can significantly increase your chances of being selected. We frequently conduct day-long workshops to prepare candidates for their job search in Germany.

Recruitment Reference

Have you gotten your qualifications recognised? Are your German language skills at the appropriate level? Have you prepared your application documents? If the answer to all these questions is a resounding ‘yes’, then you are ready to begin the job search!

We work with the Federal Employment Agency and other recruitment partners to connect you to relevant employers. Click here to know more


Ms. Sapna Bhosle

Senior Consultant

Ms. Rumani Varunjikar

Senior Consultant

Ms. Aishwarya Ketkar


For Companies

With the increasing shortage of qualified professionals in Germany, more and more Germany-based employers are now interested in hiring non-EU candidates for their technical and professional prowess. Indian professionals today form by far the largest group of EU Blue Card holders in Germany. As part of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, ProRecognition can advise you on how to attract and hire qualified candidates from India.


Do you want to employ an Indian candidate, but are unsure of the next steps? Or, are you only exploring your options about hiring from India? Either way, ProRecognition is happy to advise you on all aspects of the talent acquisition and relocation process.

Employer Branding

Despite the increasing popularity of Germany as a career destination, Indian candidates often only know about large German multinationals – and only apply there. Through the ProRecognition blog, you can increase your visibility and build your employer brand towards an Indian audience.

Screening Support

Have you shortlisted interesting candidates, but are not sure if their degrees can be recognised? We can do a pre-check to confirm recognition chances and other related aspects, enabling you to optimise your selection process.

Connection to other IGCC Services

As a project of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, ProRecognition works closely with other value-adding services, such as Recruitment Support, Translation, and Intercultural Training. Using synergies of our service portfolio, we provide tailored solutions based on your company’s individual needs.


Ms. Denise Eichhorn

Head – ProRecognition