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Ulm! – Innovative Region With A Feel-Good Factor

Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH – Stadtarchiv Ulm

The Ulm/Upper Swabia region awaits you with its vibrant economy, pleasant weather, and breath-taking scenery that inspires a fulfilling life. Ranked 4th amongst 402 districts as the most liveable administrative districts in Germany, this region has more to offer than what meets the eyes. As the centre of two federal states that are known for a high standard of living, the region is the linchpin in the heart of southern Germany. For years, this region has maintained a low and consistent unemployment rate, making it one of the most successful areas in the country. As significant evidence of economic prowess, the region saw a 77% gross increase in economic output in a matter of 7 years from 2000 to 2017.

Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH – Stadtarchiv Ulm

Its rural areas including the district of Biberach could be dubbed as the driver of this dynamic regional development showcasing an impressive increase of 110% in the gross domestic product in the past 10 years. On the other hand, the urban areas such as the districts of Ulm and the Alb.-Donau-Kreis have also continually shown an above-average performance in almost all economic sectors contributing heavily to the region’s overall development.

Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH – Stadtarchiv UI

Germany is renowned for its excellence in the STEM fields, encompassing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine. The region of Ulm/Upper Swabia is no different. The abundance of cutting-edge research facilities and opportunities in medical biotechnology has transformed this location into a hub of innovation. For decades, this place has served as the breeding ground for future technologies and has continued to remain on the streak stronger than ever. Not only does this location house renowned corporations such as MAN and KUKA, but the Swabian region also nurtures innovation and fosters its growth by encouraging start-ups. The region is home to companies like AGCO and Premium Aerotec, which are known for their innovative work. However, Ulm/Upper Swabia region also has many small and medium-sized enterprises that are not as well-known but are highly successful, sometimes referred to as “hidden champions.” These companies are instrumental in driving the significant growth of the. Despite being relatively unknown, they have contributed significantly to the region’s economy and its development.

Agentur Foaud-Vollmer, Mittelbiberach

Although Ulm is primarily known for the highest church tower in the world, there is more to it than that. Living in the Ulm/Upper Swabia region offers more than just financial stability. There is plenty of natural world to take in. From the mountain in the Allgäu to the southern flair of Lake Constance to numerous castles, there is something for everyone. People here are simple, hardworking and follow the philosophy of “Schaffa, schaffa Häusle baua” (work hard, work hard, build a little house). However, do not fret because it is not all work and no fun! In addition to all the diligence and commitment, there is no shortage of leisure activities. Annual events in all the major cities in the region are known well beyond the borders, for example Schwörmontag in Ulm, the Heimatfest in Laupheim or the Schützenfest in Biberach.

Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH – Stadtarchiv Ulm

While in Ulm, there are countless attractions to discover, but we recommend starting with the world’s tallest cathedral tower. Whether you choose to ascend the highest church tower or leisurely stroll through the fishing district, you’ll undoubtedly experience the alluring charm of the old town. There are many palaces, castles in this region making it look like some fairy-tale. Apart from these bold reminders of a glorious past, the region of Ulm/Upper Swabia also has some treasures of the Stone Age that add to its beauty. So, whichever it is that fancies you the most – sightseeing, hiking, history, fantasy, or just witnessing the wonderful nature; this region has something for everyone.

It’s not fair being all words and no evidence, so get an impression of the region for yourself:



Blautopfstadt Blaubeuren

The region’s growth are undoubtedly the result of sheer hard work, unparalleled leadership, and an unwavering support from the local administrative districts. Start ups are growing year on year along side the middle and small industries also known as the German Mittelstand. These factors serve as the backbone of Germany’s economic prosperity, which positively influences the demand for skilled professionals. The expertise and know-how of individuals in related industries are crucial for the region’s thriving companies. If you’re someone who seeks a better quality of life, then now is your opportunity to shine. So, what are you waiting for?

Take the leap of faith and get started with the help of Baden-Württemberg to make it in Germany. The region has various opportunities for you. If you are the right fit, then sky is the limit. Get in touch at the Welcome Center Ulm/Oberschwaben to get all your questions regarding job applications, entry, residence, language, contact points, etc., answered. All the best. 😊