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Your Battleplan for making the most out of a job seeker visa

The job seeker visa allows you to travel to Germany and look for a job in Germany itself. Not sure if this is the right choice for you? Read our article on the job seeker visas demystified.

Now let’s say you have chosen that a job seeker visa is the next step for you in securing employment in Germany and your visa application is underway (feel free to reach out to us for support or any questions). It’s important to set realistic expectations. While there may be a shortage of skilled workers in many professions in Germany, securing a job offer upon arrival requires effort and a well-executed strategy. (Remember, nobody is going to offer you a job on a silver platter!) Job hunting, especially when done full-time, requires dedication, perseverance, and a well-thought-out battleplan that you can develop and refine before relocating to Germany.

First you should become knowledgeable about the positions that you are applying for and the region where you want to go. This requires thorough research by means of the internet, but also speaking to possible employers while still in India. For example, you had a job interview online and it did not materialize. This is still valuable information: Why did they decide on another candidate? Did you meet the expectations for the German level, or do you have to improve another level before you stand a chance? What did the interviewer tell you about current trends or changes in the market? Did they ask you questions that you need to prepare better for the next interview? Even though going through job interviews and receiving regrets can be a frustrating experience but nonetheless you should see these as sources of information and trials for the right interview with the perfect company that will come down the line. It is perfectly fine to ask for feedback after your interview.

The next crucial step that should be completed before leaving India is perfectionating your CV for German employers. This is the first impression that any German company would get from you when you apply for jobs. There is no second chance for a first impression. An HR colleague might only take seconds to decide if you should be invited for an interview or not. As each position and each company is different, your CV should also be adjusted to the position at hand. Ask yourself while looking at the job description which responsibilities or skills should be highlighted which might not be relevant in this particular position and accordingly redraft your CV each time you send an application. Quality over Quantity. You also want to include on your CV the time period during which the job seeker visa allows you to stay in Germany.

Germans love to plan ahead. They make a plan A, and a backup Plan B, and maybe also just in case a Plan C. Now this strategy might seem a little overcareful but by adopting the same approach you can  get as much as possible out the job seeker visa. What would be your favorite region in Germany to live, which offers good job opportunities? This is the right place for you to start. But also think about in case this does not work out, which region is your second choice? What job portal is the biggest one in Germany? This is a great starting point for looking at open positions, but also ask yourself where would smaller companies with a lower recruiting budget post their vacancies?

Another crucial element of your battleplan for the job seeker visa is finding opportunities where you can meet your potential future employer in person, shake hands and introduce yourself to them. For preparing your personal network in Germany your planning ahead skills are needed as much as your research skills. The easiest way to approach companies is during job fairs. Here is a website that lists upcoming job fairs, and you might want to plan your job seeker visa time around them. There might also be independent job fairs not listed on the website. Another opportunity to get in touch with German companies is attending industry events or general fairs relevant for your specific industry. Even though you might meet companies that are not hiring at that very moment,  building relationships and engaging in meaningful conversations can lead to valuable insights, job leads, and potential referrals.

The heart of your strategy for going to Germany on a job seeker visa is to have contact details of German companies whom you met online while in India and who have suggested that they would be interested in hiring you if they could meet you in person.

They might suggest meeting you in person for various reasons. For some professions it makes sense to see the technical skills in action such as engineers, chefs, waiters, bartenders, welders or creative professions. Another reason is that German companies put a lot of emphasis on creating teams that work harmoniously together. They might not be doubting your professional skills but want to ensure a good team-fit and that you are the right person to join for a Feierabendbier. Another reason might be that the German company is unsure how a feasible a work visa is and hence they rather give you a job offer after you have successfully travelled to Germany. You can also showcase your commitment to relocating to Germany but going there on a job seeker visa which will set you apart from other candidates. So, if you have a company that at the end of an application process expressed the interest in hiring you once you are in Germany, keep this contact engaged and let them know in advance that you are considering coming to Germany on a job seeker visa. You can also set up an appointment with them while still in India, again Germans love to plan ahead so don’t be shy to ask for a meeting two months in advance.

It is recommended that even before considering the route of the Job Seeker’s Visa, you should have tried every other way possible to look for a suitable job. Remember, the job seeker visa should be seen as an opportunity to complement your job search efforts. It is advisable to explore other avenues before considering this route. This will greatly benefit you by saving on the time and the funds that you would need to survive in Germany. To make the most out of this visa, it is crucial to develop an action plan that maximizes your chances of success. This should include dedicated research and networking while in India, perfecting your CV for employers and tailoring it to each specific application, adopting a German mindset by planning ahead to include relevant networking opportunities, and most crucially maintaining contact with German companies that have expressed interest in hiring you. If you need a war-strategist by your side while you develop your battleplan, do reach out to ProRecognition for a consultation. By implementing this approach and remaining proactive, persistent, and adaptable throughout your job search, you can ensure that the job seeker visa becomes the final step on your path to building a long-term career in Germany.